IAG Commission 2

ToR of Working Groups

WG 2.6.1: Potential Field modeling with Petrophysical support (Working Group of SC 2.6) Chair: C. Braitenberg (Italy)

JWG 0.1.2: Strategy for the Realization of the International Height Reference System (IHRS) (joint with GGOS, Comm. 1, ICCT, IGFS, description see GGOS) Chair: L. Sanchez (Germany)

JWG 2.1: Relativistic Geodesy: First steps towards a new geodetic technique (joint with Comm. 1, ICCT) Chair: J. Flury (Germany)

JWG 2.1.1: Establishment of a global absolute gravity reference system (joint with IGFS, ICCT) Chair: H. Wziontek (Germany)

JWG 2.2.1: Integration and validation of local geoid estimates (joint with ISG, IGFS, ICGEM) Chair: M. Reguzzoni (Italy)

JWG 2.6.1: Geodetic observations for climate model validation (joint with Comm. 1) Chair: A. Eicker (Germany)

GGOS Bureau of Products and Standards (BPS) WG 2: Establishment of the Global Geodetic Reference Frame (GGRF) (joint with GGOS, all Comm, ICCT, IGFS, IERS, description see GGOS) Chair: U. Marti (Switzerland)