Bernese GNSS Software

The Bernese GNSS Software is the backbone for all activities of the satellite geodesy research group at AIUB: high performance processing of measurements, obtained by GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and SLR (Satellite Laser Ranging), precise orbit determination for Low Earth Orbiting satellites (LEOs), and even gravity field determination. The software is also applied in the context of operational processing schemes, e.g., in the context of CODE (Center for Orbit Determination in Europe) since more than 20 years.

The Bernese GNSS Software is a high performance, high accuracy GNSS and SLR post-processing software package for the space-geodetic community. It is supported, maintained, and regularly updated by AIUB, considering the latest recommendations and models (e.g., IERS Conventions and IGS processing conventions) as well as technological advancements (e.g., new satellite systems and observables), offering the user a maximum of flexibility in customizing processing strategies and options. The flyer provides a more detailed insight.

The software package comes with a user-friendly interface, an online help system, and an comprehensive user manual:
Dach R, Lutz S, Walser P, Fridez P (Eds) (2015) Bernese GNSS Software Version 5.2. Documentation, Astronomical Institute, University of Bern, Bern. ISBN: 78‐3‐906813‐05‐9 ; DOI: 10.7892/boris.72297. Download PDF

The so-called Bernese Processing Engine (BPE) allows for automated processing, which is especially useful for large network processing and reprocessing efforts. For numerous standard applications ready-to-use examples exist. Nowadays the Bernese GNSS Software consists of more than 100 programs and about 1300 modules and subroutines, is platform-independent, and is used by some hundred customers throughout the world.

weltkarte mit eingezeichneten benutzern der bernese software

The latest version, released to the user community is Version 5.2, published in December 2012. It is regularly maintained with intermediate releases containing bugfixes, improvements, model updates, and adaptions to recent developments in the GNSS data processing.

A dedicated webpage is providing more detailed information on the features, but also the purchasing procedure of the software. In case of further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Software Administrator.