Research in the field of orbit and attitude determination of space objects

  • Study on the orbit determination accuracy related to different observation scenarios
  • Association and orbit determination of multiple series of optical observations
  • Orbit improvement based on angle and range measurements
  • Attitude determination using light curves and Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) measurements

ESA projects in the context of Space Surveillance

  • SSA-SST design and development of multi-source data correlation prototype for space object catalogue build-up and maintenance
  • Debris attitude motion measurements and modelling
  • Space debris survey campaigns with the ESA Space Debris Telescope in Tenerife

Observations at the Zimmerwald observatory

  • Observation of artificial satellites and space debris with the 1-m ZIMLAT telescope and series of robotic wide-field telescopes with 0.2 to 0.8m apertures
  • Build-up and maintenance of space debris objects catalog
  • Acquisition of light-curves
  • Photometric observations
  • Long-term modelling of orbits